Knautia 'Mars Midget'

mnwsgal 4 MN(4)January 23, 2009

center, Knautia 'Mars Midget' ws 2007 this photo spring '08

Dwarf snapdragons ws '07 self seeded '08

Daisy 'Snowcap' ws '07

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Hope you enjoyed your vacation! So, does knautia bloom first year? I was thinking of doing some this year ...

Those 'snowcap' daisies are beauts.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Yes, the kanutia did bloom the first year. I like this shorter version more than the taller one I had several years ago.

I am also very fond of those daisies.

Boo, hoo, my vacation was canceled. Hubby got the flu so we have been home just hanging out. Mid week temps were in the twenties otherwise it has been very cold. I was so looking forward to walking around Phoenix without my heavy coat and boots. Hubby's feeling better and with constant washing (my poor hands) I have avoided the cold he had earlier and this flu.

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Oh, sorry to hear that! Glad hubby is feeling better. That flu knocked me for a loop a couple months ago.

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