Chamblee's Rose Nursery Trip

JoshTx(8a)May 3, 2013

Made the trek out to Chamblee's today to pick up some late season DA roses. They're the closest nursery that carries them for me. I spent an hour in the DA section alone probably, and must have made 60 laps around that greenhouse area before settling for 4 plants. I could not decide which ones to get.

I finally settled for 2 Ambridge Rose (been lusting after this one for years!), a Charlotte, and a Wildeve.

Can anyone tell me what their experiences have been with any of these plants?

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Ambridge has been my best DA so far and the color is wonderful how it varies depending on weather. This rose repeats so well for me. Charlotte is a good one too and can be grown tall or kept shorter. The light yellow color is beautiful. I think you will enjoy both of them.

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That is good to hear! The plants are only 1 gallons, so I will have to give it a year or two before I will be able to see their full potential.

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Anyone else have experience growing these?

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john_ca(CA US9/SSZ14)


I ordered Ambridge Rose and Charlotte from Chamblees around 3 years ago. There were 5 rooted cuttings of AR in a single gallon pot and 2 rooted cuttings of Charlotte in the other. We have found that many plant propagators in Texas put more than a single rooted cuttings into their pots.

We removed the rootball from the pot and soaked them in a 5 gallon bucket of water and swished them around a bit. We were able to separate the individual plants and put each of the (5 AR and 2 C) into their own one-gallon pots. We let them remain in their pots for around 2 months then transplanted them into the garden.

Plants of both varieties have done very well in our garden. The AR grew into bushy plants around 3 feet high and 2 feet across. If you prune only lightly in spring, you can coax the the plant to grow up to 5 feet high in my area. The flowers are very fragrant and are around 3.5 inches across. The color seems to vary from pink to apricot depending on temperature.

The plants of Charlotte are larger, perhaps 4 feet x 4 feet, but again, if you prune the plant only lightly, you can get it to grow taller. The flowers are pale yellow and fade to nearly white in the strong summer sun.

I have only minor disease problems with these 2 roses if we have a rainy late spring.

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