Fire season

rcmoserJuly 5, 2010

For those that own old LTs (say 6 years or older) or brought used and don't know the condition it maybe wise to inspect your fuel hoses. WHY? Fuel hoses over time dry rot and start cracking (especially if stored outside), eventually they will leak at the cracks especially on sharp bends due to vibration from LT.

I say this cause couple of years I visited my aunt, she lost her husband and I went over her LT while I was there, it was about 7 or 8 years old and V-twin briggs. Right where the fuel hose connected about 90 degree bend to the carb. it showed signs of wetness? I attempted to remove it and it just popped open. That is not a place where you want any signs of a fuel leak.

I done a complete de-cowling and inspection after I cleaned the dirt off. Found fuel hose where it went through the frame almost chafed through. Ended up replacing all the rubber fuel lines, filter, clamps from the tank to the carb. and plumbed it out so it would not chafe.

I also done all the routine pre-ventive maintenance listed in the owners manual to bring it up to date. Which included cleaning of the cylinder fins, all filters, cleaned the plugs, sharpen the blades, inspected and greased the spindles. Tractor still running good, I was amased how much oil it held just tad over two quarts.

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Great post RC. This post should get bumped to the top every so often. Another good reminder is to get excess grass off the top of the deck as well. Every year, someone burns down their tractor or worse from something stopping a blade and a hot belt that starts the dry grass on top ablaze.

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Great post. Fuel lines are out of sight, out of mind.....'till the fire starts! Thanks for posting!

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thank you tom and greg for posting and your comments. I also have read posts about LT being burnt up. Hopefully this will open some eyes.

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Yeah Cudo's RC ! Often forgotten that the simplest items can cause the most serious consequences .

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going to bump this. even though my main topic was on older equipment that don't mean new equipment don't come with defects. Even when I get new stuff I always go over it from top to bottom. I always find loose hardware and chafing wires.

I suspect in recent LT fire case either the float stuck causing liquid fuel to drip down on the muffler or fuel hose popped off from the vibration due to it was secured properly. Most likely carb problem especially if you smelt any raw fuel after shut down before it torched itself.

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