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vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)March 11, 2007

From two days ago in a south facing bed. Just bored...would be nice to be outside today but it's rainy and windy with a high of 60 forcasted. Also now my DH is considering NOT moving to Nebraska!! The considering is making me insane!! I need to know by the end of this week before I bury him in my compost pile...it needs fed anyways LOL! I could be sowing more annuals, tomatoes and greens already!! He took a vacation to visit friends in Seattle....he best come home with a decision.


The Blue Flax are jumping back to life, but have stayed nice and green all winter long, the Bergenia is picking up and the Daffodil bulbs and perennial Alyssum I moved in there are coming along. The Blue Fescue has started greening up and the Larkspur are hanging back. You can't see it but the mature Sedum Autumn Joy is pushing thru as are the cuttings I took from it last summer. That Rose Campion next to a Blue Flax self-sown plant needs moved. I planned on putting the Dicentra back near the wall behind the Bergenia and around the stump and planting Columbine 'Black Barlow' and 'Roman Bronze' in and about. Theres a Hosta between the Bergenia and the stump also that isn't up yet and don't know when to expect it either. Theres a couple snaps in there you can't see and some perennial unknown type low-growing dianthus and Monarda 'Garden Scarlet. Grape Hyacinth is near the stump and on the other side is Lemon Balm which is coming up. Soon Nigella and sweet Alyssum will be exploding in there too. The Crocus is not moving along as fast as it is at the border of my SW bed....sandy soil warming up faster is my guess since they are already blooming.


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Lookin' good...Is that spiky looking 'ball' in the front a Blue Fescue? Is it really a blue color ot more green once it gets growing? I've wanted to try that for a couple years now. Maybe next year.
Are those 'tennie runners' WS? LOL Must be nice there to be able to go barefoot. : )


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Yes, that is a Blue Fescue....they grow more blue as the season progresses and yup those are my tennie runners stuffed with some Hens-n-Chicks and sedums :D
There are bluer strains of Blue Fescue....these came from Park Seed...
Here are mine in May last year a little bluer

Here the tennie :D

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Ha ha! I couldn't see the hens & chicks in the top picture. I like your creative garden art. ;D

I have a question for you. Several times I clink on a pic. to enlarge it; but it just takes me to Photobucket and my album there. There's no way that I can tell to see the pic. I clicked on. Ever happen to you? Or am I just a little slow on the uptake. LOL


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