Last years COLORS

moonphase(z7 Ga)April 3, 2008

I was browsing some of my garden photos and wanted to share some of them.Hope you enjoy.Longing for my summer gardens.:-(


sweet williams and pink ? (don't know what these are)


bachlors button and silene

some rudbeckia

one of my round beds

more ruds

red mums

Penstemon Elfin Pink

a mix



my pond

thanks for looking

will download some more later....

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What a beautiful shot of color! Just what I needed! As if I weren't already longing for spring and summer!

BTW, can you tell me what those pink flowers are near the ruds? Lavatera, maybe?

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

Lindakimmy,Yes,I believe that is Lavatera'silver cup" or it could be out of the beauthy mix.I don't think I have ws'd any of these yet this year..I better check and see if I have any seeds left
I am going to post more and hope you-and others will post so we can all see color,see combos,see plants of some of the new seeds we wsd this yr.Seeing the plants really help me.I hope to keep this post going.

bed of black eyed susans

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terrene(5b MA)

Beautiful flowers! What types of Rudbeckia are in these pictures? Did you winter sow them? Thanks for sharing.

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PVick(6b NYC)

Truly lovely! That clematis is gorgeous ...


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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

Everything is beautiful!! please keep posting pics!!

Love the clematis also


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