Garden borders.....

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)April 4, 2007

Can't remember what forum I was reading about it yesterday, but a discussion was going on about how beds should have neat borders. I agree, but have neglected to do anything about it!! After reading that, I went outside and went to work with what I had...not much. At least now it looks like I have a definate border between bed and road :D

Pretty obvious I ain't a landscaper LOL!! See my half-ass no matching boards...not even completed. Good grief.


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silverwind(z5 IL)

Hrm. Maybe I should sneak into some nearby cornfields and swipe rocks, that doesn't look too bad. :D

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LOL!! Thanks :D
That's what I've been doing too HAHAHAH!! I have a huge emply lot/field right across the road and I've been toting the wheelbarrow back and forth. There's a few HUGE ones I'm going to find a place for too if I can mangage it LOL!


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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Vera, Honey, you're too funny.


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I think its a great start! I just got a very nice tip from a contract who came to do quote for my porch build. I can go to a local cement company and get these perfect 12 inch logs ....for free. I didn't know this but they have to well excuse my language but "poop" out a log of cement for every load they mix to check the product.They just pill them up by the for the taking.I am going to make a wall with about 3oo free cement logs. I am sure if you if you are interested you could open the phone book and fins a cement delievey sevice near you.They would be a lot less work and if you wanted to paint it you could

just a thought

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