Backyard veg bed completed #2

sqftgarden_in_wncApril 1, 2007

Forgot to mention in the first post that the canna rhizomes I dug up(7 flats worth) I donated on Freecycle. Got a huge response!

Also, I lined this whole veg bed area with yellow onion bulb sets. You don't see it in these pics from about a week ago but the onions are coming up like crazy now. I interplanted and tried to companion plant. Guess I'll see how it works!

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Your garden is so neat - in all senses of the word! When I saw the earlier post, I was wondering what you were gonna do with all those canna rhizomes. Now I know.

Are all your veggies WSed?? Great job!


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The more tender stuff is indoors under lights, greens and les tender stuff and Toms Ws'd. All flowers WS'd.

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