My WS Setup

friesfan1(5b NW-KS)April 4, 2009

Which really isn't a set up at all.

When I first started this project, I started a bunch

of seeds in flats and put them into the cab of

my pickup. Hoping they would be protected and also

get sunlight and warmth. Like a real green house.

Then I came WS for some advise and was told "Get them outta


And I did! But that left a dilemma. Where would I put

them. So I went shopping.

These boxes fit the bill I thought. I drilled holes for


I used six packs from last year. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Helenium autumnale Yellow

Holly Hocks and others........

Planter boxes + Jugs in a tractor tire.

More Jugs

Mini Strawberry greenhouse.

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate

That's it for April 4th, 2009!


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Lots of good containers for your ws, Mary. I also like to use large plastic boxes. Did you also drill holes in the bottoms for drainage? If not, you may find your small containers floating in water when it rains.

No sprouts for me yet.

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It is so exciting the first year to figure it out and see that it works!!! This coming year you will be saving anything clear that closes!!!!

Great job!

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friesfan1(5b NW-KS)

MN WS Gal,

Nope I didn't drill holes in the bottom.
Something I had better do when I put them into
storage for next season.

This WS can sure become addictive, where you are
looking for any potential container for your

Then THIS happened over night.
The wind was fierce. Put some of my containers in the
garage. Winds in the 50 MPH range. Not alot of snow,
more wind than anything.

Have not checked my jugs yet this AM.
Hope they survived! Stepped out on the
porch to take these shots.

Really cold out there, and ice on my porch.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Mary, that storm mostly stayed south of us. We got just a dusting on the lawn which has already melted and I see the sun poking out between the clouds. I imagine the snow there will melt quickly in the next few days.

When you can get to your plastic boxes you may want to empty them just long enough to drill those holes in the bottom then replace the other containers. Otherwise when the spring rains come you will need to move them into the garage or keep bailing water out of them so your seeds/sprouts don't get waterlogged.

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friesfan1(5b NW-KS)

MN WS Gal,

I kinda put water in the bottom because my little pots
kept drying out. Now, I am afraid the little paper cups
are water logged.

I poked holes in the bottom of the cups to take up water from there.

I think I have a way to go in the learning department
where WS is concerned. I also water logged another
jug, but I can't remember the contents.

I hope the seeds aren't rotted.

PS: The snow is melting, we didn't get much, but
driving was hazardous for awhile, the roads are
clear now. Got my mulch! yay!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

The mix and seeds just need to be kept moist. Add more drainage holes if they are too wet. I know when I use the small pots and cups they sometimes need to be watered twice a day. Moving the containers into a more shaded area will help keep them moist longer. Also it is important to pot them up and/or keep watering after the seedlings sprout.

I use the same seed starting packs that you are using for my inside under lights seeds to germinate. Then grow them on for awhile before potting up. I haven't used them for ws.

Every year I learn something new about winter sowing and about the seeds and plants I am growing. I like to experiment so if one thing doesn't work I try another.

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