My new improved WS set-up

msmisk(NTX8)April 29, 2007

This was the original set-up. Lots of individual jugs with individual tops & baggies, that had to be opened and closed inividually every time the weather fluctuated between 20 degrees and 70 degrees, which was almost daily around here. Lots of work !!

The new improved set-up. I took all the tops off, and put just the bottoms (milk jugs, etc) in plastic storage containers that had holes drilled in the bottoms & tops.

As sprouts emerged, the jugs were moved to a storage container with no top. I put a piece of lattice over the top to keep the birds out and protect them a bit from too much sun or wind.

Overflow seedlings went into this garden cart covered with lattice, but I watched from my kitchen with the binoculars as sparrows jumped down through the lattice to disturb my jugs, and hop back out. Bad birds !!

Thanks for looking !


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That is a neat setup, Carol! Really like the sterlite container idea.

I use plastic hardware cloth and bird netting on everything to keep the birds out until the seedlings (and emerging established plants) are big enough to fend for themselves - or until nesting season is over; up here, I get starlings that just peck at everything. Maybe you could stretch some bird netting across your lattice to keep the sparrows out?


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Great idea, PV. I'm going to pick some up when I go to town this afternoon. That should solve my problem. Poor seedlings don't stand a chance around these crazy birds !


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shasta_2008(5 NE Ohio)

msmisk you can also buy the netting in the material dept at your craft store (the netting they use for wrapping wedding favors), my mind is blank and I can't remember what it's called. I used it on my small blueberry bushes when the berries were ripening and it worked and is inexpensive.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Nylon net?


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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

I believe it's called tulle


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I notice your in North Texas? Right? I have a question what do you do about the freeze snaps we get every once in a while? Do you cover or not?

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