Seedling protectors

msmisk(NTX8)April 29, 2007

I've posted here before about all the trouble I've had with birds, rabbits and dogs bothering my seedlings after being planted out in the garden. Here is a milkjug that has three openings cut in the side and is held down with garden staples. It's placed over a showy butterfly weed seedling, allowing light and air and water in, and keeping critters out. It also gives protection from all the wind we get here.

It's working - I removed several dozen covers and the seedlings (hollyhocks, scabiosa, valerian, chickory, tansy, feverfew, four o'clocks, salvia, zinnias, cosmos, cleome, african daisies, wallflowers, sunflowers, bishops flower, baby's breath,) are doing great. Nice and big and healthy. We'll see how long it takes the rabbits to find them !


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Hi Carol, I planted out new Veronica that I purchased just last night and knew it was going to be very cold (32F) so I made a couple of these. They worked great. Thanks for sharing and the pictures....

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I'm glad it worked for you, Bonny. It sure has helped my seedlings get a start. I've been able to remove the covers from the first ones I planted out, and now I'm using them again on some of the latest additions to the garden. Can't wait to see some blooms on some of these !


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