I feel the need to share :)

Lisa_H(7)May 9, 2007

It's not wintersown, but it is self sown! I had no idea how well this came out until I uploaded it to Photobucket. I'm in love!!!


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Wow .. that is so pretty it almost doesn't look real! Thanks for sharing :)


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Lisa that is a beautiful picture and bloom. I hope I am as successful with my poppies. It's my first year winter sowing and my first year to grow poppies. I have tons of purple frill seedlings. I can't wait to see them bloom. I think I am sorry after seeing your picture that I didn't plant any red ones. Beautiful.


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That is so beautiful!!

I have a question: The foliage on there (and on several other photos of poppies I've seen around GW this spring) looks so much deeper green than mine (see my post in this section). Is that because it's a different type of poppy or because I'm doing something wrong?

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Love the deep red eye poppin' color!

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