18 hp Briggs & Stratton valve adjustment question

cuernoJuly 22, 2010

I saw a video where someone adjusted the valves on a 18 hp Briggs and Stratton every spring time for easy start ups and he showed that he used a feeler gauge at the rocker arm, my mtd 18 hp Briggs doesnÂt have a valve cover like his so my question is how would I adjust the valves on my twin head engine, this is a older model from the 90Âs and maybe you donÂt adjust these, the mower turn slow about every other start up and I changed the solenoid and starter.

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No adjustment on the opposed twin, however make certain that you have a really solid ground to that engine. I have seen more people throw starting related parts at these, only to find a poor ground connection.

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Thanks for that information mr. bushleague, I will clean off the old ground connection and maybe add a second ground...

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Good advise above, but none the less- they eat starters. If it is an oil burner, there maybe some benifit to decarbonize the cylinders.

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