Squash Blossoms

msmisk(NTX8)June 30, 2007

Pink banana squash. The blooms are so pretty, I'd grow them even if the fruit wasn't so delicious !

Four O'Clocks & Zinnias - I've never actually seen an open 4:00 bloom. They always just look like buds to me.

Bishop's Weed, I mean, Flower

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I've been told that in some cultures squash blossoms are a delicacy - I don't know how they are prepared, but yours are lovely. Glad to see what my 4 o'clocks will look like. I got them in a trade, WS'd them for the first time this winter. Is Bishop's Weed the white flower? Is it the same as Queen Anne's Lace?

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Northerner, I've heard of squash blossoms used on a salad, like a nasturtium, and I remember a friend of mine years ago who deepfried daylily blossoms, so I would think that would work with squash blossoms too. But I've never tried one. I'm just happy to have them pollinate and turn into squashes !

I'm a little disappointed in my 4:00's. I never see the blooms open, even though I check them right up till dark.
They always just look like a bunch of buds.

Yes, the Bishop's Weed is the white flower. The flower looks very much like Queen Anne's Lace, but the plant does not, and I hear it's not as invasive as Queen Anne's Lace. It's not very sturdy and upright, though. All the rain has caused it to flop over.


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Northerner, squash blossoms were one of my favorite dishes when I lived in Italy. They dip them in batter (while they are sort of closed) and deep fry them - OH YUM!!

I agree that many veggie flowers are pretty enough for the front border. One of my favs is okra! That'll dress up your garden!

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I always use the male blossoms in the kitchen. I stuff them with a rice and meat mixture and cook them like stuffed peppers or dip them in a tempura batter and fry them. They are delicious and the male blooms don't produce fruit so you aren't reducing the harvest.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

I love the blooms for squash too...they are gorgeous. So are the ones for eggplant. The eggplant blossoms are a deep lavendar, veined with dark purple.
Nice pictures :-)


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