Penstemon Husker's Red

not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)June 12, 2008

I sowed the seeds 3 years ago, and now they are blooming. I can see that I will have to move them out of the tubs and into the garden. I LOVE them. Thanks Bakemom!!

Image link:

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PVick(6b NYC)

That's a beauty, Mary!

I crave this plant, but for two years running, I got zilch from the seeds I sowed. This year, Vera sent me a TON of seedlings, so it looks like my craving will be satisfied! Did it take three years to bloom? Even if so, I can be patient, because the foliage is so pretty!


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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

Thanks, PV. The picture doesn't begin to do it justice. One plant has 9 blooms on its 9 stems. I have 2 plants, and I plan to put them next to each other in the fall. It bloomed in its 3rd year, true to the perennial mantra of "1st year sleep, 2nd year creep, 3rd year leap" LOL. Last year it was just a rosette of reddish leaves with no stalks. It doesn't seem to have any fragrance, but that's not a problem for me.


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albertar(z7 LINY)

Just to let you know that each flower will make a seed pod, and in each pod are hundreds of seeds. I have so many of these beauties. I over wintered them the first year from WS them and they stayed green all year in a pot, then I planted them in the spring and they have turned into beauties. The bees love them too.


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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

Alberta, the seed pods are forming now, I see what you mean. I know where I will move them to. I have a bed with herbs in it now, and I'm not happy about it, I want to make it a perennial bed, so these will go there. The herbs need to go into containers because they get eaten up by bugs when they grow on the ground here...even the Pennyroyal which should be a bug repelant!


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

So glad to see that pic! One thing to remember about Husker Red is that the pods take forever to ripen. They get hard like wood, but they don't open up until much later.

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