Wondering what type of tree I may have

s10sleeper(5b)May 7, 2012

I have been trying to identify all of the trees in my yard. So far, I have known that I have an apple tree and a pear tree, not sure of the types; I also have a mulberry tree, some type of oak that produces alot of acorns, my neighbor has a maple somewhere as I see the pods all of the time. Today I recently figured out one tree is a Catalpa as it has huge heart shaped leaves, white flowers that are very fragrant, and produces 12 inch long pods.

What I am wondering about is on my west side of my house I have a tree with smooth leaves that are very dark green and glossy. it produces clusters of tiny berrylike seeds that are kind of hairy. The fruit never gets bigger than a few millimeters, then dries up and falls to the ground around fall. The leaves currently curl in and it has always been late to put on leaves compared to all the other trees. It grows branches fast though, I always have to lop them off for the guys to read the meter or they will and bill me plus it has now started pushing on my roof, squeaking in the wind so I need to go cut it back there too. Whatever it is, it is a strong tree, never shows dead branches at all, but I know it is not a chinese elm as we get those all the time against the foundation and I have had to Tordon those.

Someone tried telling me it was some kind of cherry tree, but i know it isn't wild cherry or choke cherry. Does anyone have any idea?

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I've included a link below that will be invaluable to you!

Here is a link that might be useful: What Tree Is It?

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