Cedar top cutting for potting?

AaronPee(8)May 23, 2014

I was gifted with a lovely potted western red cedar. I'd like to keep it on my apartment balcony, and keep it compact. Problem is, it's already 6 feet tall, a bit bigger than I want for the space. I'm wondering if I can cut it and expect it to survive. I've read that branch cuttings are often successful, but I am wondering about the potential viability of a top cutting. What I am considering is to cut off the bottom three feet or so and discard it, put rooting hormone on the new base-- which would be about an inch in diameter-- and re-pot that top cutting, so I'd have a three foot tree. Could this work? Or would I basically have a Christmas tree that would die in a short time?

Alternately, if I decide to try to keep it at its present size, can I expect success in limiting its growth by periodic root trimming/keeping it potbound like a houseplant?

I am a newbie to growing trees, so please respond gently! :-) Thanks.

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Western red cedar is a HUGE tree. You can't keep it in bounds unless you formally start turning it into a bonsai, and that's a lifetime job.

Consider finding someone with a landscape where you can set it free.

Mature Thuja plicata ... probably 70+ feet

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

google PROPAGATION OF 'the latin name'

more specifically dirr manual of propagation ...

you do not root 3 foot pieces ... 6 inch max ... of certain age wood ...

i suggest you contemplate bonsai ... if you insist on a tree with 100 foot plus potential.. on a balcony ... see link


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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