Does anyone grow roses in containers in NE Ohio?

donnaroeMay 17, 2014

I have two 1.5 grade Intrigue roses in body bags that look to me like they need some special handling. I know that 1.5 grade roses are not recommended for purchase, but Lowes marked them down to $1.50 a plant. I just couldn't resist the beautiful dark purple color! The canes are not very think, and I think if I try to plant them in the ground, they wouldn't survive our cold winters here. I saw an online video at fine gardening which said to use a 20"- 24" plastic or resin container with 4 holes drilled in the bottom. He used sterile potting mix to pot the rose.

What do I do with these roses after they spend the summer on my patio? I could use some direction on just how to handle them. If they should be moved to the garage once winter sets in, what should I do after they are moved there?

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seil zone 6b MI

Yes, the garage is best for wintering them. You want to wait until you are sure they are dormant and then move them inside the garage. They don't need to be in a window or anything but do put them up on something to get them off the concrete. And water them all winter. It doesn't need to be a lot of water and maybe only once a month but make sure they get some water over the winter. You can put a shovel of snow on the top of the pot every time you shovel or pour a gallon of water on the pot once a month. Just remember to water them and they'll do much better. In the spring when it starts to warm up put them back outside. You may need to take them in and out a few times depending on the weather but they should make it through.

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Yes, I do. I live in Cleveland and I bought some 1.5 grade bare root roses last month. I put all of them in 12" containers because that is the max. weigh I am able to lift to move them inside in winter. Most of them are still alive and some of them have buds already. 1.5 grade is not a big problem, the key is they need to be alive and healthy when you buy them. Good luck.

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