Where did these come from!....need an ID please?

becksyard(z6 PA)June 24, 2007

#1 Supposed to be rudbeckia triloba and it had me going for awhile cause the leaves kind of have that stiff, crispy feel of rudbeckias. But the flower gave away it's little charade. The color is more of a dk. salmon-pinkish-orange. About the size of a quarter or so. Must have sneaked into the seed packet.

#2 Lamb's Ear?? Found as a stray in an established perennial bed. Never grew any, never sowed any and nearest neighbor is 100' away so I don't know how it got here. Has me a little unsure though since it's over 12" tall, not very gray and the 'ears' seem too big, some are 8" long. I thought lamb's ear was shorter, grayer with short ears.

Image link:

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not sure what the first one is - but the second looks alot like sage ( tri color I believe )

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Could the first one be some type of Zinnia?
The 2nd looks like a Salvia to me too :D


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Is # 2 Basket of Gold? Check out the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aurinia aka Basket of Gold

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becksyard(z6 PA)

I think I've ID'd the second as common mullein. I did think of zinnia for the first one but the flower just didn't seem right. Of course, it could just be one I'm not familiar with. Will have to wait and see, the seeds will tell for sure.

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