Evergreen Pear

dbusboomMay 5, 2014

Hi, so I'm having an Evergreen Pear delivered and planted tomorrow. 15g. I was specific when asking for a medium height tree with non evasive roots for shade in my small backyard. It will be approx 3 feet from my center block fence and 4-5+ feet from my house. Am I making a bad choice. I live in Queen Creek Arizona where it get's hot and good shade trees are not the messy Palo Verde or the Brazilian Nut and or the Texas Ebony and Chinese Pistach. All are Ugly and messy. I wanted an actual tree that smelled amazing UNLIKE the Bradford which I've heard horror stories about. I love any and all feed back just place nice in the sandbox is all I ask. Thanks!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Did you research the specifics of the tree in regards to height and spread? What is the species?

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I apologize for the delay of my answer to your very valid question. Today has been my first true day off from work since the trees were planted.

The Evergreen Pear aka Flowering Pear species is Pyrus Kawakamii. I did do extensive research and was told that the tree would only get MAX 15-18ft tall and max spread of 20ft which is able to be managed and pruned for a smaller umbrella since it's a mushroom shape umbrella. I spoke with several nursery and horticulturist regarding the size. So, now I'm just worried about the root system not the branches. Geez, I don't know what I'm worried about. Now I know why people hire landscapers and landscape designers to make these choices for them. This is stressful. I just did not want to end up with a Palo Verde or Brazilan Pepper tree. They are so common and just not attractive. I wanted thick rich color and some genuine change with the seasons.

Thanks for your help. I"ll post a pic of it tomorrow. Fingers Crossed.

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