seeds of Prunus jamasakura, detail questions

linaria_gwMay 9, 2012

Hi there,

I got a small batch (ca. 30) of cherry seeds from a friend of mine who asked whether I could raise them.

She got them from Japan, from a friend of hers, because 2010 she had been there + fallen in love with those Japanese cherries.

1) the seeds have been sitting around in the friend`s flat in Japan since 2010, do you think they are still ok?

2) if so, how do you start them? So far I only raised annuals and veggie, never woody stuff.

Do they need cooling/ freezing?

I thought I would pop them in a fridge for a while, put them in a pot and store it in a sheltered spot in the garden.

3) about P jamasakura:

has anyone further information on this species? Only thing I found in the net was: common mountain cherry, height about 36 feet.

Anything about foliage or flowers?

I guess that it is somewhat plain,

(and the showy ornamental cherries are P serrulata, as far as I know.)

It is probably an experiment, and the seeds seem to have mainly sentimental/emotional value for the friend of mine.

Any suggestions are welcome,

thanks a lot, Lin

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Yes, if sitting around dry, at room temperature may not be any good now. A cold period would be expected to be needed. Try Googling phrases like starting cherry seeds etc.

Species can be spectacular in bloom, is considered nicest wild cherry in Japan. There are a few in public plantings in Seattle, a couple pink forms across from a friend's house look like 'Akebono' from a distance when in flower. Sheets of seedlings sometimes come up beneath them. However, a nurserymen friend trying the seeds got very poor germination.

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