msmisk(NTX8)June 2, 2007

I've never grown these, so to ws them and have them blooming so beautifully in my garden is a real treat.

Thanks, ccoupkir, for the seeds !


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So pretty - My first year I also sowed them and had never had them in my gardens. I was pleasantly surprised and now can't do without them. Yours really look great and are blooming so early.


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Those are really pretty. Mine didn't germinate...well I have one seedling. Unfortunately I gave the rest of the seeds to my daughter so I don't have any more to plant and am not sure if there is time enough for blooms anyway. I will be buying some soon because like you, I can't do without them. Very pretty picture.

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PVick(6b NYC)


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Absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to see mine bloom...all 2 of them LOL! I think I got my seeds from ccoupkir too.
I've tried sowing them for 3 years running and not'a nothing going. I was completely elated just to get these two :D

Thanks for sharing,


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I'll be having lots of seeds if anyone needs some later, judging by the many long thin seedpods forming at the base of the flowers. They're so cool looking. And the whole batch next to these is flowering now too. They're not real tall, but the flowers are large and the colors are gorgeous.


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