No spark on rear engine Snapper

jepeaceJuly 27, 2010

I own an older Snapper rear engine rider with 11hp B&S with electric start.

I was adjusting the carburator and removed the gas tank to get better access. I accidentally placed it on the battery while it was running and which created a short. I don't get any spark at all at the spark plug now. Any ideas where I would start to diagnose the problem?

Thanks for the help.

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Well apparently you had the metal tank holder bracket with the tank or you would not have gotten a short. You must have then tilted the bracket until it came in contacted the screw terminal on the side of the throttle box shorting to the "Kill" wire of the magneto which would immediately destroy the coil.

Disconnect the "Kill" wire at the base of the ignition coil which is under the cooling shroud. IF there is no spark then, coil is shot.

While you won't like that, feel lucky that the battery didn't blow up with that much contact across the posts IF that is what happened.

Walt Conner

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It would help a lot if you post the Snapper model number. Some people think a 2000 is older (10 years) and to others it means something in the 1980's or 1970's. Snapper used to daisy-chain the safeties together, but later (mid 1990's & up) now use an interlock module which is harder to troubleshoot, and if you guess wrong, you just bought a $45 module.

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This is a 1983 Snapper. Model number is 253707 type 0206 01 Code 86042310.

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The Snapper model number is 3311XSS

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Not sure if it makes a difference, but this is an electric start model. Nothing happens at all when I push the starter button. I understand I would not get a spark at the plug if the coil was bad, but wouldn't the starter at least try and crank even if the coil was bad?

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Sit on seat, let right hand drop down, feel starter button on a tin lid. Remove two screws and remove tin lid. Clean out any accumulation of leaves, dirt, mouse nests, clean contacts on starter button. If mower has been stored, check the engine shroud. Remove it, and check for mouse nests under it, and for a chewed off ignition cable to spark plug!
How do i know this?? I just went out to start mine, and found exactly what i have described! I have a 1983 Snapper. It sat for a month in my old garage. Went to start it today. Didn't! Checked engine shroud, and found it stuffed with paper, etc. Haven't removed it-tomorrow will be the day!

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Correct Snapper part number is 3311X6S. You should be able to get Parts List from Snapper Manual Web Site. You can then trouble shoot with schematic provided.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snapper Manuals

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Are you sure you didn't ruin the battery too? or burn some wires?

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