June 26th

PVick(6b NYC)June 26, 2007

The aerie today:


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Woohoo. How tall is that beaut? I love the color and the leaves. How far from the ground are you? How much sun do you get?

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PVick(6b NYC)

LOL! The malva is almost 2 ft. tall - I expect it'll get between 3-4 ft. I'm hoping this one will come back next year and be as flowerful as my 'merlin' was last year (in it's second year). Are malva short-lived perennials? Both the 'zebrina' and the 'merlin' only lasted two years for me.

I'm on the 11th floor, so I figure that's about 90 ft. up, give or take a few feet. I've got a SE exposure, so in the summer, I get good morning sun on the eastern end of the terrace; from about 11ish till 3ish, the only sun is right up against the railing - everything else is shade. In the winter, the whole darn terrace is flooded with sun. Too bad it's too cold then to grow stuff.

Funny thing is, almost everything I really like and want to grow needs full sun. So I shove everything up close to the railing and do the best I can with what sun I get.

This year has been disappointing for me, gardenwise, but there are a few bright stars - even if they're few and far between.


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Beautiful as always! You put those of us with large spaces (and pitiful plants) to shame!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Your garden is really awe inspiring, PV.

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