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msmisk(NTX8)June 10, 2007

Wintersown catmint, love in a mist and allysum, selfsown petunias.

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That's a very pretty combination! And a cool camera angle!

I'm growing nigella for the first time and wonder if you have any tips about seed collection.

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Lovely combo! What are the "straps" over them? They look like metal, and give the planting a special look ...


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lindakimy, I've never collected seed from LIAM, (it's my first year with this, and the seeds were given to me) but it looks like they're going to have big ole seed heads, so I don't think it'll be hard to gather seeds. I don't know if you can see in the picture, but there are lt blue, white and pink flowers in there.

pvick, the flowers are in pots on the top tier of a metal plant stand that DH bought at SAMS. I also have another stand from SAMS that is cool too. I'll have to get pics of the whole thing to show you.
Here are a couple more pics. There are also ws-ed blanket flower and cosmos in there too.

And the bottom shelf has ws-ed nasturtium and a couple herbs.


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Man, that is nice! Both the stand and the lovely lush plantings!

Thanks for posting a pic of the whole thing ... love it!


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amare_al_giardino(5 KS)

very, very pretty Carol.
I've just posted a "WANT" on the exchange list for LIAM!
I've seen so many gorgeous pictures of them I just have to try some next year.
Blue/white/yellow is fast becoming one of my favorite combos. for flowers.

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Here are full views of the 2 plant stands. Both were from SAMS, in boxes, and had to be assembled.

The bottom pot in this one was too large to fit, no matter how we tried to wedge it in there, so we had to take the stand apart, and reassemble it around the pot !

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What's in that bottom pot? Looks like it's fixing to take over the world!

Those stands are beauts! Pots too!

Love your style of gardening ... reminds me of me ...! LOL!

Thanks for posting.


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Love the pots and the stand. Love your yard too. Can I come over and dig? I have no more room to dig. :-(

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pvick, that's salad burnett in the big bottom pot, with a little bit of chives on the right, trying to hold on. I have to hack the sb back regularly to give the chives a fighting chance. They've both been in that pot about 4 - 5 yrs now.

pitimpinai, you can come over and dig at my house any time. I'm sure we could come up with some fun projects, and I'd love the help.


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LIAM seeds are so easy to harvest. They make a large pod and when the pod dries, you tap it and the seeds just pour out - many seeds to a pod.

Beautiful pictures - Carrie

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