Marigold & Sunflower

phyleux(Z6 WPA)July 27, 2006

Flagstaff Marigold

I love these Marigolds - nice color and about 4ft tall.

American Giant Sunflower

Not as tall as I thought they'd get. About 8 ft, supposed to get over 12 feet. I don't have too much luck with hybrid types; they never get as tall as they are supposed to. Next year I think I will go back to Russian Mammoths.

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just beautiful! I like marigolds- I have not heard of this variety- they add so much color to the garden!

I have 3 "Mr. Majestic" that I w/s- of course, they are crowded in some volunteer celosias and balsams- think I could move them now?

I like the sunflower too- I have several this year, just begining to bloom- one is supposed to be "Rusty Orange" and one "Chocolate"- so, we will see :))

thanks for posting,
keep up the good work!

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