A few WS babies, all grown up

lindakimyJuly 23, 2007

I really enjoyed my garden this weekend - beautiful weather and lots of plants blooming. Heavenly!

Wintersown zinnias in front of the porch

This was labeled "Lavender Hyssop" - it's a very well-behaved plant.

Burgundy celosia - you wouldn't believe how tiny these were when I put them in the ground!

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PVick(6b NYC)

Wow - so pretty! Garden envy - big time!

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bonnylynn(z5 Maine)

Wow the zinnias are lovely. I have a few thumbelinas that are blooming but were not wsn...they are pretty cute. I hope my lavender hyssop looks like yours when it blooms...very nice.

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Awww...thanks, y'all - that makes my day!

I found this picture of the baby celosias. I honestly wondered if they were EVER going to grow up. When I planted them out they were about 3/4 inch tall. Like this:

Wintersowed babies are TOUGH!

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Here are a few more photos. We are still having VERY hot, dry weather. Some plants are beginning to look exhausted - black eyed susies for one, which surprises me! But here are some wintersowed celosia that are still going strong. These are some of the same red ones shown above, plus some pink ones that have really gotten tall - over 5 feet.

Here are some wintersowed zinnias that have also gotten very tall. These are almost 6 feet tall and would be closer to 10 if they had not been blown down by a wind storm earlier and they have stalks that run along the ground that have rooted. Looks like snakes among my plants!

The butterflies just LOVE the zinnias!

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bulbs(z6 PA)

Linda, those zinnia are beautiful. And butterflies aren't the only thing that goes for zinnia - I've seen goldfinch birds occasionally on mine, but esp. on the anise hyssop (agastache). Mine is also a lavender color - hoping to try other colors this winter.

Winter sowing sure is great! Probably would never have tried anise hyssop at plant prices, and had trouble with zinnias purchased many years. Keeping 1 out of 4 was good - 'til I tried w/s seeds! Now have a dozen or more zinnia plants blooming.

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linda - your flowers look great - just saw these pictures today - you did a great job wintersowing!


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PVick(6b NYC)

OOOOOOO, I'm glad I revisited this post! Those pink celosia are very unusual - love their look!


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Pvick, I gotta laugh...that is one of those photographs with a "chosen" angle. This is the view I have most often (from the front porch). It IS unique, no?

Add to that that it's well over 5 feet tall and you have another garden surprise!

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Oh I'm so glad I revisited this thread too! I love your Burgundy Celosia...WOW!! I had no idea the foliage was that lovely shade also. Now I'm even more excited about the ones I received in trade. Those tall pink Zinnia are ta die for...good golly almighty :D
Hope my Agastache looks half a lush as your next year. They were nice and bloomed well but I don't think I gave enough room to expand...too closely planted among older mature plants and fast growing annuals.



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I am really hoping that the burgundy celosia reseeded. I didn't find ANY seeds on it!! I thought it was supposed to be so generous? And after last summer's show....I gotta have this in my garden. Thank goodness there are still a few seeds in the trade packet I got last year!

Vera, the zinnias DO look pink in these pix. I didn't realize that till now. They are actually lavender. Does it matter? Hope not...you are getting seeds (if I figured out how to harvest them. BLUSH!!)

The agastache was so well behaved....unlike most of my ws plants. I had a couple of patches of it and it stood up to wind and rain and all the rest. Not the most amazing of plants...a tiny bit boring, actually. But I'm delighted with anything that blooms and doesn't succumb to insects or disease!

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What is that plant behind the celosia. Thanks


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Paula, sorry I didn't notice your post for so long. The plant behind is also celosia. The seeds I was sent in a trade were marked "Pink Flamingo". I was not expecting them to grow anywhere near that tall! Those things were huge! They did make a great conversation piece, though.

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