1987 Lawn Chief 12 hP briggs not charging bat.

sllsJuly 18, 2013

Not going to dig into it until Saturday. What would be the most likely cause. It does have one wire coming off he stator.

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Bad alternator or charge diode.
However, until you've had the battery charged & LOAD tested are you sure it's NOT the battery?
A 3 AMP charge system simply won't keep up with a bad battery.

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Green charge light not on. No change in battery voltage, engine on or off. New battery.
So it has a 3 amp non regulated diode system ?

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I probably spoke too soon-

Look for a "lump" in the wire that encloses the diode(s).
There could be 1 or 2.
Possibly you do have a 5 or 9 amp system. IF so, the wire would go into a Voltage Regulator.

What's the color of the wire & connector?
Does it feed into a small "box, split into 2 separate wires or???

There are some other systems that have their specific color codes of wire/connectors.

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You were right the first time, 3 amp non regulated diode system.
It is working, it is a marginal system.
The reason the charge light didn't show charge, bulb burned out.
After your post I went to the Briggs site, I got into there electrical systems. The 3 amp was shown and all the others.
Going to give the new battery a good charge and go from there.
Thanks for your replies.

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