small tiller recomendation

exmarJuly 13, 2010

Hi Folks,

New here, so apologize if I'm in the wrong section.

My situation is that my small tiller, 2HP, 2cycle craftsman died (broken gears in the tranny) after 12 very dependable years. Due to it's age, and the fact that it was manufactured by AMF, no parts are available, EXCEPT for the entire tranny from Sears for $149 plus S&H.

My application is primarily tilling between rows in the veggie garden and occasionally spot tilling in the wife's flower beds. I have a large rear tine beast for the "heavy hauling."

I'm thinking of a 2 cycle mantis due to warranty and "everyone" loves them. Anything else out there of interest? Honda was into small tillers but they seem to have disappeared lately?

Thanks for your time,


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sears has a small 2 cycle unit for around $220 .... Ain't pushing that particular brand - and you might find something better suited to you with just a google search for "tiller"

Here is a link that might be useful: sears tiller

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

Also look at the Stihl Yard Boss mini-tiller "system" (2-stroke) for approx. $320 that takes other heads like brooms, aerator, dethatcher, edger, etc. and the Mantis of course. Check out link below. Also check out this '05/'06 thread on the different mini-tillers here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Stihl Yard Boss Video

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Is Honda gone? I've had a Honda FG100 (4-cycle engine) for several years, well pleased with it. Friend has had a 2-cycle Mantis same amount of time; he's happy with that. We both agree that we prefer the 4-cycle; other than that, the machines are about equal. I think Mantis now offers a 4-cycle, so you might consider that.

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Hi Folks,

Thanks for the responses. I'm not sure about the small Hondas, I don't see them around here (SE Ohio) anymore and Googling Honda FG tiller doesn't get any sales hits. Personal opinion/quirk, I like "purpose built" machines, and the Stihl with all it's options goes contrary to my thinking somehow.


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