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littleonefbJuly 17, 2007

Monkey flower

2 different colored painted daisy

morning glory, not sure which one, was supposed to be red picotee, but it sure is pretty anyways

morning glory Emma's Gift. original seeds from Emmagrace.

morning glory Joyce Cobb, it blooms 2 different types of flowers colors. This one was taken just after the rabbit took it's snack.

Morning glory Joyce Cobb, the other type of flower color, both are blooming on the same vine stem.

marigold bolero, love the fact that the flower bloom is a little different in many of them. got to get these last 2 in the ground.

snowpea snowbird growing in 10 inch pots. A Burpee exclusive. supposed to grow as a bush and be about 16 inches tall. Not growing as a bush, but our weather has been going from a few days really hot and humid, then cool again, so they are still going strong. producing 5-8 pods on each plant every other day. perfect for salads, just what I wanted.

And I couldn't resist this tropical hibiscus. Local nursery has their annual 50% off sale, but this one was marked down even more. Was originally $29.99 but was marked down to $7.50. Comes with a nice clay look pot too.

Hopefully it will survive the winter indoors this year. Last years made it till February, so maybe this year will Make it all the way to outside.

Tropical Hibiscus Mandarin Wind


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Looked at both posts. Everything is lookin' pretty good! Really like the painted daisy and monkey flower :D


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Things are blooming at your house for sure. That monkey flower has a very attractive flower on it. I have seen that grown in a hanging container planted together with a hanging nasturtium. It was spectacular.

The painted daisy...I am sure you meant painted tongue. :-)

Nice find on the Hibiscus! They get really large too!

Well, Fran, things are certainly looking up in comparison to last year, aren't they? So glad you have a working camera too that you can share your photos with the rest of us.


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bonnylynn(z5 Maine)

I enjoyed both your picture posts Fran. You must be so pleased with your results. My "red" morning glories are blooming pink too. They are pretty anyway, aren't they?
Thanks for sharing your success with us.

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You're right, painted tongue not painted daisy. Oops.

Things sure are different this year, I got all the plants in myself. That's a change, bending, twisting, turning, and no horrible back pain or leg pain too.

Waiting for the 4 o'clocks from your seeds to bloom.

Monkey flowers are really a neat little plant. Have them in 3 different colors now, packets say grow in shade and mine are in full sun.

It's so much fun to have daughter's old camera all the time, even if the colors aren't always the best with it.

Bonnie, still can't figure out the morning glory. Seeds are from my own plant and I didn't sow any with a flower that would look like this one. It is pretty though.


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