Do you know the name of this one?

susan926July 27, 2006

One more that I do not know the name- is it castor bean vine?

Image link:

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yes, it's castor bean (not a vine though)
I believe there is a red one called "Carmencita"

perhaps do a google search, and see what you can find

I do know that Castor Bean is VERY poisonous!! Do be careful -the whole plant is poison- I read if it got ground up with food, it could even kill horses-
Once when I was handling the seeds only, my skin starting itching, and my sinuses got 'weird'- it's strong stuff! (at least to me)- they are beautiful though-usually get BIG- of course, animals know to leave it alone -lots of people grow it-

*just thought you should know*

it's really pretty! I like red in the garden

Linda in Louisville

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My husband reacts to Castor Bean plants like you, Linda, but after all the problems we've had this year with voles, they'll be back in my garden next summer.

Susan, if you're worried about the seeds -- especially having a young daughter -- just snip off the attractive prickly red balls before the seeds mature. We have a very long growing season here, but I've found that by preventing my Castor Bean plants from going to seed until very late in the Fall, the plants remain upright longer without staking.

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