jungle #3

flowerchildkyAugust 29, 2006

from the front...

Image link:

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It looks great. It is not a jungle! I can still see fence in your photos: )

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PVick(6b NYC)

How did I miss this? Love it!

Linda, is that a melampodium on the right of the pic? How big IS that thing???


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Hi PV!
yes, it's melampodium- those come up volunteer now in my garden- if they are in full sun (like this one) they get between 2-3 ft tall! Ones more in the shade at my Mom's house only get about 1 ft tall- I really wish they wouldn't get quite so big- especially in my circle there -
can you see the celosia (cockscomb) behind and to the left a bit? They come up voluntary also, and some of them get to almost 4 feet tall- I think one reason is because they are 'stretching' to reach the sun from behind the Melampodiums LOL In front of the celosia are my Dahlia "Bishop's Children" that I grew from seed- I was delighted with them! Took up a ton of tubers this fall- hoping they will survive and grow when I plant them back out..


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PVick(6b NYC)

Hey Linda! Nice to "see" you .... hope things are going well with you and yours.

I'm going to try melampodium again this year - maybe the third year will be a charm! I get them to germinate, just can't get them to thrive and grow. And I so like that plant! They stick them in the concrete flower pots that line the streets near my office, and I find their yellow faces so cute!

I love your plant - you know I love big, lush plants that grab me as I walk by! LOL! But since my plan is use at least one plant in a windowbox, I hope they'll stay smallish, like your Mom's.

Wish me luck ...


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good luck! I hope you can get them to grow and do well for you..

since you get them to germinate, maybe you take care of them 'too well' ... ?.... they are almost a weed, so maybe not much food -not much water- I don't imagine the ones on your street in concrete boxes get much attention
maybe you could just ignore them, and see what happens..

just a thought :))

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