Weird outgrowth on my oxalis triangularis.

LeninijaJuly 4, 2014


I recently bought three oxalis triangularis purpurea. On one of them was this weird outgrowth I've never seen before.

From one of the flower stems (oxalis triangularis has different sets for flowers and different for leaves) it seems like it has started to grow leaves and also two new stems with leaves in the end of them.

If I watch the cluster of flowers where the new stems emerge from its like a green irregular formation almost like a spiral or something like that.

I know that the oxalis usually are multiplied by dividing the rhizozomes/bulbs. But are they able to multiply some other way? Could that be what's happening? Have someone seen this before? Can oxalis create a daughter plant on its stem like the orchid? Or could a seed inside one of the flowers have started to grow (seems almost impossible though...)

I have searched the internet on both Swedish and English sites, but found nothing.


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Here's a closer picture...

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Looks like a proliferation to me. It is not harmful to the plant and often corrects itself eventually.

The experts don't know what causes it- possibly from a genetic mutation.

On roses it shows itself as a flower bud arising from the open flower on the same plant- similar to how monarda looks. On daylilies it shows itself as a small fan attached to the node on the scape/stem. These plantlets can be rooted in water to make a plant that is 100% genetically the same as the parent plant. Don't think there is any way for you to make new plants off of this though...

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Thank you CMK!

Then I'll know if it happens again. Thanks for your kind answer.


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I've never seen this on oxalis. Very cool. I'll have to check mine tomorrow.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

You are very welcome Cecilia ;-)

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