M.Glory photos

poppy_power(Z5 OH)August 27, 2006

A few photos.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Very interesting markings. Mine are more common:

The third is Sunrise Serenade, but I have not seen any with a split petal yet.

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pitimpinai, my sunrise serenade bloomed with a spit petal with it's first bloom, then all the rest have looked like yours. I like this flower much better than the spit.
Is that rose silk or chocolate silk? I love both of them, the flowers are so striking and large.

PP, what one is the first photo of, the one with the blue stripes. It's beautiful.

I'm growing seiryu, that's supposed to be dark blue, with lighter blue stripes. Gave seedlings to 2 friends and planted mine. Mine are blooming purple with lighter purple stripes in it, and there's are blooming the blue, like they are supposed to. My flowers look the same, just the wrong color. Can't figure it out.


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Oh my gosh!! I don't know what I've done to get such ugly Tie Dye MG? I pulled 2 out in end of July because they were yellowing with big ugly brown patches and dropping leaves clear up into the stringy plants. The single one left barely has leaves left and any leaves there are small and barely noticeable and has flowered only once since July 22nd (had a few 5 or so prior to then) and has just 3 vines! I'm seriously needing some tutoring here LOL!!
I have a packet of Heavenly Blue (purchased in June) so what do I need to do?


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poppy_power(Z5 OH)

fran:It is a tie dye.I also like the wine&Roses M.glory.It is a darker pink.The photo didnt take to well.I will post s better photo later of the wine&Roses.

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poppy_power(Z5 OH)

Nice!photos of your m.glorys.Pitiminai.I like the second M.G.Thanks!

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Everytime I see another morning glory I fall in love again. They are beautiful, wish they bloomed all day.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thanks, everyone, and sorry for hijacking your thread, poppy.
The second one is Rose Silk from Webkat.

I am considering not planting any MG next year. I rarely get to see them, because I leave for work in the dark and don't get home until after 4:00 PM. The MG are all closed up. Sunrise Serenade in fact closes up only after a couple hours of bloom.

Vera, Heavenly Blue is very pretty too. I sowed it several years in a row when I had access to an arbor.

I think MG should not be sown too early. Late March works best for me. They come up fast once the weather warms up.

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woody_ga(7a GA)

Here is a pic of a Heavenly Blue MG.

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poppy_power(Z5 OH)

Woody:Beautiful!Heavenly Blue.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Poppy power...oh my..love that top photo the two next to each other are wild. Love that speckled one!

You have a pretty trio there too pitimpinai...very nice. :-)

Vera, I had the SAME problem! Mine was ugly, ugly ugly and then all of sudden I noticed the leaves starting to turn this sickly yellow. Haven't gotten brown patches yet, but it is obviously diseased. We got a ton of rain this year, that is all I can think.

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