Morning glory photos

littleonefbAugust 26, 2006

Morning glory Blue Silk

This is an early morning pic of morning glory blue silk before the afternoon sun starts to fade the color turning it to shades of lavender. Just love it.


Morning Glory Blue silk, late in the day

Took this pic at 3pm , still fully open but the color was starting to change somewhat. By 6pm it will turn a faint lavender and still be open.

Japanese morning glory grey lady

Grey Lady morning glory. New to me this year and a very unique color. The pic shows it as more white, but it has a greyish tinge to it, with a bit of pinkish tinge as well later in the day. Flower is about 6 inches and is staying open till almost dusk. I really like the unique color and look of this one.


Morning glory Joyce Cobb

Not the best photo, but. Smaller size flower, but she makes up for it with how pretty she is. Typical small hear shaped leaves. I'm keeping this one too.

Morning Glory red star. Medium size flower, lasts most of the day. Keeping this one too.


Morning glory Mt Fugi Purple

A large flower, is deep purple, the pic doesn't show the color as deep purple. Stays open most of the day in full sun, on cloudy days or part sun it stays open almost till dark.

Will post more morning glory photos as they bloom. All of these are keepers for me.


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all very nice!

I like "heavenly blue" too- I grew them several years ago, they reseeded once for me, but then were gone-

With working full time, I don't get to see them open much, so I have moved on to other things (thanks to GW, w/s and seed exchange!) I do still love them though, and yours are very nice!

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