River birch branch dieback

venturMay 26, 2014

I have 3 river birch in my backyard for privacy and dappled shade. I planted them 4 years ago. They have nearly double in size and the one on the right (looking at the photo) became very bushy. Finally they leafed out after a very hard winter, but after inspecting them I noticed that the branches on the middle tree were dead and snapped off. So I decided to prune back the trees to remove the dead branches and also to give the middle tree some access to light. (It was a heavy handed pruning.) The problem may be that the trees were planted to close to each other. Also, while I watered them well during the summer, perhaps not enough during the autumn and ahead of our "vortex" winter. Here is my question- will the middle tree re-grow any branches? As you can see, the trunk is extremely bare. Thanks in advance.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

go for a walk ... and look up.. into any mature tree ... they do not have leaves in there ...

to block the view.. you want the canopy to thicken ... and it will.. if you quit cutting it.. to get light inside.. where leaves dont grow ...

its awful early in the season... to be thinking.. the canopy was weak .. heck.. my trees in MI only leafed out.. in the last week.. they are not even close to branch growth ..

please .. next time ask... BEFORE you do the job ... and now that you found GW... you know where to ask ...

and no.. fert wont help ... they will get all the fert they need.. from your lush lawn ...


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