My 2006 WS garden pics

littleonefbAugust 21, 2006

pics from this years WS seeds.

WS coleus from spring plant swap, it was about 4-5 inches tall then, now it's in a 12 in pot.

malva zebrina, it was growing like a hollyhock and was 4 feet tall, so 3 weeks ago I cut it down to about 8 inches. now it's bushing out and blooming again.


morning glory cornell, I think, it was labeled red picotee, and sure glad it turned out looking like this. the color is a brighter pink, the camera doesn't capture the true color.

morning glory blue silk. this pic is a little late in the day and the blue is starting to fade to the lavender. large flower and stays open most of the day.

balsam impatiens salmon and white. It's grown on me and I will WS it again.

4 o'clock early in the day before it blooms, but wanted to get the shot of it's natural creative growth in the pot.

morning glory pink picotee creeper. A low growing morning glory, perfect for a pot as it doesn't vine. the flowers are a brighter pink than this and the flower stays open till dark. a keeper for me, for sure.

viola sorbet, yesterday, today and tomorrow. A really neat little plant. the pic shows blue flowers and so do the catalogs but the flowers are all white to start with a yellow eye and a very few narrow dark purple streaks near the eye. As the flower matures it takes on bits of pale lavender that spread over the white flower till the entire flower is all lavender. It's just unreal to see the ever changing colors of the flowers as they bloom and bloom all spring and summer. This one has been blooming in full sun, very hot, dry and humid temps since late June. I just love it.

morning glory mt fuji pink. a large flower that stays open most of the day till almost dark.

cosmos psyche, a large flower, and accurate color on this one. semi double flower. just love this one

columbine songbird robin. one flower only, but surprised that it bloomed the first year, since none of my others did.

my first year trying WS tomato seeds. will never buy another tomato plant again. Have 6 plants growing like this.

The seeds where labeled "blue eyed african daisy". Sure glad they turned out to be annual phlox drummondi. love the color.

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Your flowers are beautiful, such pretty delicate colors.

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monipsych(Zone 6)

Lovely photos! Especially partial to the MG....and the phlox are beautiful! :)

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poppy_power(Z5 OH)

Nice!flower photos Fran.Very Pretty!

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very nice! I like to get 'ideas' of things to grow in pots-

I love the colors too- The garden balsam (we called them touch me nots when we were little) are so neat, aren't they? I love to 'pop' the seed pods- My grandmother grew these (a very old fashioned plant) and my Dad would let us kids pop them all we wanted :)) I have lots of other colors (thanks to kind GW'ers) They reseed for me, which I love- easy to grow, easy to move, easy to collect seeds-will take full sun or full shade (couldn't ask for more than that! LOL)

thanks for posting,

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Nice, Fran!

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I'm finding that you can put almost any plant in a pot to grow. The plant will grow as big as the pot will let it, so it kind of controls the size, but it can reduce the number of flowers.
I put coffee filters in the bottom of the pot, moisten them with water, then fill with miracle grow potting mix. The filter on the bottom prevents the roots from going into the ground and I can move the pot to anothe location if I don't like it where it is.
I grow all my 4 o'clocks in pots. For some reason I can't get them to grow in the ground. They aren't supposed to need good soil either. I remember my brother dropped some seeds in a large container of beach sand that my grandmother had us bring back from the beach. She was going to so something with it in her garden.
Well it rained for over a week and when it stopped we found something growing in the sand. Low and behold it was 3 4 o'clock seedlings, so she left them there to see what would happen. they grew to these huge monsters, in salty sand, yet I can't grow them unless they are in a pot of miracle grow soil.
I have about 15 of them in various size pots and move them all around the gardens to keep the jap beetles from chewing up the plants. Grandpa taught me that they are poison to them and if they chew the leaves, they die. Sounds good to me, so they are around my hibiscus, roses, malvas, and all I get are some chewed up 4 o'clock leaves and lots of dead jap beetles in the bottom of the pot on top of the soil.

I also have zinnias, morning glory, california poppy, dwarf dahlias in pots too.


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