I was gifted with this....please help ID!

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)August 25, 2006

My husband came home tonight with a plant he was given to give to me from a gal who camped on our lot during the bike rally. I told her about the area I was going to fill with shade to part-shade plants. This is not a Hosta or is it? The leaves are thick and waxy and requires shade, but I don't know what it is. The pics are bad because I took them at dusk. Need be I'll re-take them in the morning. Any idea?

This looks to be a runner from a mother plant...it runs sideways from the crown:



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Hi Vera
Just a guess, but it kinda looks like a ornamental kale that was growing sideways. They will grow in part shade and sometimes lay down and grow along the soil, but like I said just a guess.

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thanks for the help, but I'd have to say no to Kale. This plant has a rhizome that is very thick. Kale as I know it grows a tap root but does not spread via rhizome being a biennial :D


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I got an ID reply on the Name That Plant forum a few minutes ago. This plant is Bergenia cordifolia!! I knew it was going to be something I should have known; this was one the plants I had to learn in spring Plant ID! Shoot that was 2 years ago LOL!! I better get out there and plant it.


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