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CalifpreacherJuly 31, 2014

Have a Sears Lawn Tractor Model LT2000 with a Briggs & Stratton 18.5 HP with a Nikki carb that is 'drivin me nutts" Had carb problems so I bought a Sears carb kit with all gaskets and jets and also new oil filter, air filters and 'anti-knock' shutoff plunger. Original problem of starting right up BUT then fast speed to slow idle then fast speed then slow idle, etc all within a few seconds of each other, plus puking oil out the exhaust pipe like really fast and tremendous smoke. NOW I opened the oil filler cap to fill the oil slump and I get 'puffs' of air/oil coming from the fill pipe and with the spark plug out, I put my finger over the plug hole and get great pressure then sucked my finger towards the hole..afraid to start it now, I don't want to have to pressure wash the wall that it covered with oil.

PLEASE, any thoughts on this? Is the air from the oil filler while cranking normal? or///

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You don't need to start a 2nd thread on the same problem. It just confuses things and makes them hard to follow.
Why are you removing the fill cap with the engine running?

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Mr Kapaun, my most humble apology. I am not computer literate, yet, so I was not aware the two items I sent were not to be together for the readers.

I had the filler cap off while I was cranking the engine over to get the gasoline out of the cylinder. That's when the air/oil residue came out the filler.

It would appear I need to seek a repair person locally to fix the engine, as I am having a difficult time putting in words what the engine problem is.

Again, to all, I apologize for my making two entries on the same problem. Thank you all so much.

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If you have gas in the cyl then you probably have gas in the crankcase which is probably what's causing the problem. If the oil is thin and smells like gas, drain it and replace w/ fresh oil. Then install an inline valve in the fuel line and close it when not using the mower.

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Thank you. I will drain the oil and put a 'stop valve' in the gas line from the gasoline tank. I appreciate your advise. I did look and smell the oil, which was very thick, but could not smell gasoline. Since I had asked for and respect your answer, that is why I changed the oil and filter again, just to make sure.

Thank you for your kind answer.

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Doesn't sound like gas was in the oil. Are you sure it doesn't have too much oil? With a B&S engine you want to pull the dipstick and wipe it dry, then screw it all the way in and then remove it to check the oil level.

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