Hibiscus finally bloomed, take a look

littleonefbSeptember 21, 2006

This is the second year for these beauties. No blooms the first year, but what a show this year, finally. No names for them, they where from a trade. Now waiting for pods to ripen.


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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)



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very nice!

blooms and leaves are looking good-
be sure and post more anytime you can :))


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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

They are so pretty. Strange though, I think I have one in my garden, I recognize the leaves but I didn't plant it and it hasn't bloomed yet. Very strange indeed.


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Those are beautiful, littleone. Wonder how tall they'll get.

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First year they only grew about 2 feet, good and healthy but no buds. This year they grew about 3 1/2 feet. The white one had 14 blooms on it, the pinkish red one had 12. Only one pod formed on each though. Hope to have seeds from them.

This is my my disco belle from seed. WS 2003-2004. Bloomed last year for the first time with 15 flowers. This year I had 35 buds and the last 2 opened today. It's about 3 feet tall, but the stems to flop a little.

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Mary, say thank you to the birds, I have 3 small plants that popped up this year, no where near my others so I know they aren't reseeds. I'm always thanking the birds for their presents.

Linda, those are all the hibiscus I have till next year, when this years bloom.
Need to get me a digital camera too. Have been using my daughter's and she just moved to her own place 3 weeks ago, an hour away from us. (love her dearly but mom and dad where quite glad to see our little girl get her own place. Gainfully employed as a high school teacher and sure time for her to spread her wings. Hopefully she won't return after a year or 2 on her own cause she can't afford it. That will be harder to deal with on both ends then moving home for a year after college graduation.

Thanks all for the compliments. Have more pics to post from this years gardens and will get some up this week


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poppy_power(Z5 OH)

Hello:Fran Nice!photos.I like the white/red center hibiscus.

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Beautiful pictures of wintersown hardy Hibiscus!

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I think your hibiscus is a Hibiscus syriacus "Rose of Sharon". I have several in my yard. They self seed but are easy to identify so pulling them isn't a problem. They are low maintenance. They will also produce alot of seed so you will be able to share in another year or so. Your pictures are beautiful. Shannon/Dirtrx

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I'm familiar with rose of sharon as more of a bush that has very small flowers. These are at least 8-10 inches in flower size. Can a rose of sharon really have such large flowers?
The second one I labeled disco belle is a disco belle for sure. Got the seeds from a nursery, just couldn't resist the ripe pods on it 3 years ago. My plant is now twice the size of the one the seeds came from and the nursery wanted $25 for the plant.


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ncflowerpower(z8 NE NC)

Hi Fran,

That unknown white hibiscus might have come from me. It looks very familar. It is a wild white hibiscus that grows here in North Carolina along the water ways. Either way it's beautiful.


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Donna, you might be right, will see if I still have the records from 2 years ago. Wow, if that is a wild hibiscus, what other wild hibiscus beauties grow around you. I just love it.


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