can shasta daisies get fungus?

grandma_gardener_02July 24, 2010

Last year we planted several shasta daisies. This year they are huge lush flowering plants. However, one [which for the most part is blooming beautifully] is having a problem only on one side. The leaves are yellowing and hanging limply from the stalks and the flowers on these stalks are dying. We are in an excessive heat/drought situation at present. Thinking at first this could be due to stress I made sure it was watered. This made no difference. Then I noticed that this was happening to only one plant and that the others all in the same location were having no problems. So wondered if the problem could be a fungus, so sprayed with a fungicide. I have pruned out as much of the dying stalks as I could.

I thought that shasta daisies were not given to such problems.

Any ideas anyone?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

So wondered if the problem could be a fungus, so sprayed with a fungicide.

===>>> sounds a bit premature to go the chemical route..

you know you are in drouhgt..

and that plants wills sacrifice older leaves in such..

and watering after tissue damage will not restore those leaves ...

and yes.. it can happen to one plant in a bunch ...

i think you wasted the chems...

insure all your plants get the same water.. IMHO ...


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Shasta daisy can get fungus. It can even die because of it. It applies to other plants from Compositae(Asteraceae) like Helenium , Aster novi-anliae and others. But dying stalks can also be caused by something gnawing the roots. Several times I dug up such a plant and there was a big fat larva of something under the wilting part of the plant)

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