Tons of WS Blooms!!!

webkat5(Z6a MO)September 2, 2006 are more blooms from this year's WS plants.....

Amaranthus (of mutant size)...I moved this one early on and it really seemed to like it's new spot...glad it is an!

Close up:

Ipomoea nil 'Akatsuki no Umi'...a grouping:

Sidalcea 'Party Girl'....not real impressed with this one:

One of my favorites...will grow it every year as filler...

Gomphrena 'Strawberry Fields':

Thought this one was toast early on....but noooo....

Alyssum 'Royal Carpet'

Clematis tangutica...small but very nice and lots of blooms:

Love this one (keep in mind the board behind it is 4 inches wide)!

Ipomoea 'Blue Silk':

Agastache 'Golden Jubilee' (think that is the name):

I am probably going to have to grow this one every year...held up great during the drought/heat...

Zinnia 'Envy'

That's it for now...hope you enjoyed them!!

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Lovely flowers.

I grow many of them too, including that monster Amaranth which I think (without looking it up right now) is Red Hopi Dye. The anise hyssop is Golden Jubilee.

I did sow a pack of green zinnias from Burpees but they weren't green--instead I got every color of the rainbow, no complaint as they're knockouts, but its nice to see what a green ones look like.

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putzer(z4 WI)

Beautiful! I hope the Blue Silk I planted blooms before it gets too cold-yours is stunning!!

Can you post more pics? I love looking at these!

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Thanks guys!

Glad I got the name right for the Agastache...didn't look it up....can't wait to see that one next year. long has your Blue Silk been in the ground? Is it in full sun? Are you watering it? JMG's like plenty of water (unlike I. purpurea and others). The blooms are larger, too with plenty to drink (just like Hibiscus).

I will post more pics as things bloom....have other pics, but just wanted to post the WS stuff on this forum...

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That Amaranth is making me drool! LOL!! I haven't grown those beauties in a couple of years and you are reminding me of how nice they can be! Thanks!

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phyleux(Z6 WPA)

Great pictures. I grew the Gomphrena 'Strawberry Fields' this year too, I love it and so do the butterflies!

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PVick(6b NYC)

WOW! WS Rocks!

Great pics of beautiful plants, webkat!


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poppy_power(Z5 OH)

Nice photos! of your flowers.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Love those MGs and zinnias webkat! Gor-Geous! :-)

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