finally got photos of my garden

compostchick(z5Wa)November 12, 2006

Finally got my hands on a cam this summer, only had it for 2 days but was able to take lots of photos, so now i have 2 albums to share, nothing fancy mind you but i loved everything, wintersowing rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!

I stared everything from seed too even the hens & chicks and some of the seduim via wintersowing... anyways heres the link to my albums (hope i did this right ) hope you enjoy looking at my snaps as much as i enjoy looking at all of yours..

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Nice pics compostchick.
Creative use of old boots and skates. Did you do anything special with them to use as containers?

And this pic of petunia is beautiful. what kind is it? Would love to find seeds of it, do you have any for trades?

by Greedyfish67


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Hi fran
thanks for having a look, i didnt do anything for the boots or skates i do put a few big rocks in the bottom and fill with MG potting soil water well, they tend to dry out so keeping an eye on them is a must, as for the petuina its merlin something i have to look it up not sure if i have seeds of that one or not, i got the seed last year on ebay..will let ya know tomarrow if i have any...

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Great pics! I was about to post earlier but lost power during about 1/2 hr. of power surges in this darn wind.
Love the Nasturtiums in the potty! Is that sphagnum moss at the base? I have some more odd-n-ends I wanted to stick some sedums/H&C's in too next spring. Right now I just have the pair of shoes with H&C and sedum. You have it down to a fine art :D


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I also LOVE the nasturtiums - great pics - Thanks - Carrie

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very nice! it's so much fun to post pictures-

do show us more anytime!
Linda in Louisville

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Loretta NJ Z6

Beautiful garden! I LOVE the shot of the poppy with the blue pollen. Gorgeous!

Here is a link that might be useful: Poppy

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Hi Compostchick:
May I please use a few of your photos? I teach gardening classes and am doing a new class on recyclables in the garden (which, frankly is just another way to introduce winter sowing to non-believers!!). Each class includes a large packet of resources with photographs. I need more pictures of shoes and boots, I know that seems crazy, but I do!!

Let me know, please. I love your photos!


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Great pictures of your wintersown beauties! Plus, terrific ideas for using recycled old shoes, boots, cake pan, and especially the bed pan as containers for your succulents. Very creative!

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