ATV - With Dump Bucket

jennybog(zone 5)July 13, 2010

Hello we live on a small hobby farm. We would love a tractor but really cant afford to buy one right now. We saw that you can buy dump buckets for atv's. They get very good ratings. For us it would be great. we only need it for pushing manure and moving dirt and snow. Does anyone have a suggestion or advice? Help we are getting tired of shovel and wheelbarrow method

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canguy(British Columbia)

How does the bucket work without hydraulics on the atv and how would it mount? Sounds like it would be very light duty.

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OP - do mean something like a skidsteer ? Like Canguy, I never heard of a lifting/scraping bucket mounted on an ATV...

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jennybog(zone 5)

The Dump bucket works with the winch. It is by swisher. Just google atv with dump bucket. It gets good reviews but I think on second thought we should continue to save our penny's for a used tractor in good shape. Any suggestions?

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My neighbor has one. It works as is stated above. He pushes stone around on the driveway and moves rocks, etc. The winch pulls the bucket back and it's mounted so that it will dump at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Lowering the bucket returns it to a loaded position.

He really abuses his and it has a little swayback along the length of the bucket, but it's built solidly. He went headlong down a bank and bent the frame really bad, so I welded it up again for him and it's good as new.

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The Dump Bucket applications have been out for several yrs. My Brother Inlaw Makes up the Draw Bar 2-Point Frame Hitch and Grader Blades in his Welding Shop for $300.00 with a Drop Bucket $350 . They are designed for the High end Units 500 cc and above . There limitations are the Frame and Suspension due to the added Sprung Weight of Metal and Aggregate being Hauled . He adds gusset to each Application Frame on its own merits. Expect to go through a few Winch's and or Batteries if yo don't maintain your charging system along with pumping up the Tire Pressures Accordingly .

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