Craftsman PTO won't disengage

kkcvmtJuly 26, 2010

My riding mower has this problem: pushing in the PTO switch does not disengage the mower blades as it is supposed to...getting off the seat stops the mower, though. I tired replacing the PTO switch, and the problem persists. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you!

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What are we working on, Craftsman? Could you please post the model #? TIA.

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With the engine off, reach under the tractor and disconnect the wiring connector that serves the PTO clutch. Tie up the wire or move it away so it can't get snatched by the belt.
Now, keep your hands away from the belt and deck, have a helper crank the engine. see the deck belt begin to turn along with the PTO pulley...........replace the PTO assembly.
Either the free wheel bearing has seized (likely), or the friction disc has broken and wedged on top of itself (less likely).
Some of these PTO clutches have accessible bearings that could be replaced if one knows how, but the bearings can only be found at a well stocked bearing distributor. The presence of removable snap rings holding the bearings in place would be the key. If the bearings are held by a retainer ring they are replaceable. If the bearings are "staked" or swedged in place, non replaceable.

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