briggs and stratton engine

biggeehunterJuly 10, 2011

My mtd model 13as699g788 engine briggs and stratton model 42a707 1838 a1 It all began with the engine loping up and then down up and then down up and then down. the only way that the engine would run right is to pull the choke out a little bit.

I was told it was a clogged carb jet it needed to be cleaned so I cleaned it. That did not work. So I was told to rebuid the carb so I did. that did not work. So I was told to buy a new carb that worked but now it races out of control. I did not touch any part of the governor what so ever. can some body tell me if maybe the loping was caused by the governor going out. the throttle control no longer changes the speed. if someone could email me how to find a answer to this question on this website.

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The idling up & down condition cleared up when you partially choked the engine. This indicates a lean fuel air mixture. If the original carburetor was equipped with an idle mixture adjustment, the most likely solution would have been to open the adjustment to allow more fuel flow.

After installing a new carburetor, things went downhill. i suspect you overlooked somthing or did not connect the throttle linkage correctly and did not adjust the governed idle. The idle set screw may need adjusting. I do not suspect an internal governor problem.

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My new carb is none adjustable. If I hold the govnernor arm with my finger clockwise, it runs great, a perfect idle. When I let go of it it races at max and the throttle does nothing to control it. I know that when the engine is off the throttle plate is held open then when the engine starts the plate closes on a correct running engine. I think when the engine starts the internal governor gear closes the plate when it starts but that is not happing on my engine.

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