Chelone obliqua 'Ieniemienie'

rouge21_gw(5)July 17, 2013

This plant was on my "2013 To Buy" list from very early on. (Chelone "Hot Lips" is one of my favorite perennials).

But the reduced size of this new variety was appealing as it opened up many more areas into which it could be placed i.e. a front border.

I bought 3 plants very early in the season i.e. May and they are now each less than a foot tall and healthy and since this past weekend they are coming into bloom. (My "Hotlips" although vigorous and healthy will not be blooming until August).

Here is a picture of one with some blooms. I will post more when all are fully open.

Any other GW members have this plant in their garden this season?

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Very cute plants! Are they planted in a more shady area? I think I see a Brunnera and astilbe leaves nearby.


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Yes 'lily'. This one is lots of shade. In fact FWIW the other two on this same border are in much more sunlight and have yet to bloom.

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Very interesting, Rouge.
As said, have found larger Chelone obliqua, just the species, to be quite an aggressive plant.

Agree entirely on the desirability of C. lyonii 'Hot Lips'.
Have found it such a contrast to C. obliqua; compact and very well behaved.

C. obliqua 'Leniemienie' sounds a great choice too.

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Here is the third "Ieniemienie" flowering nicely and still my "Hot Lips" has yet to flower (although all my chelones are looking very healthy). So as a preliminary evaluation of "Ieniemienie" it does appear to bloom much sooner than other chelones and does stay quite short as advertised ie 12" tops.

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My 3 "Ieniemienie" plants have grown lots in this their second season in our garden with the largest plant now 2 feet high and 32" across! (So definitely shorter than a regular Chelone but just as large in width)

And again this cultivar will bloom well before my favourite Chelone "Hotlips" as today I see the pink of flowers soon to come.

Does anyone else have this more compact form?

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