Trees planted in Spring are normally a bit late in leafing out?

ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)May 10, 2014

Hi. I planted 3 bareroot 3 ft tall Sugar Maples 2 weeks ago. Their buds are just now swelling, but I was just outside and saw that the next door neighbor's sugar maple, which he planted about 5 yrs ago, and is about 15ft tall, has leafs popping out all over.

Is that normal that my trees are a bit behind in leafing out?

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NHBabs z4b-5a NH

There's a discussion of this in the link below. Acer saccharum is sugar maple.

Also, any newly planted tree is likely to behave differently than the same plant in following years since it was grown under different conditions than in your yard and have just been transplanted.

Here is a link that might be useful: extreme variability of leafout among Acer saccharum

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its state of dormancy ... is off kilter to your area ...

most likely.. it was pulled out of a refrigerated warehouse.. to be sent to you ...

it is a non-issue ... it will catch up soon enough ...

it takes a certain number of days.. of certain heat .. both air and soil temps.. to come out of dormancy ... and the little time since you had it.. isnt enough .. patience ...

another way of saying it.. would be that its personal microclimate [anthropomorphism.. lol] ... was different than the local one ... and that is why it is doing things to a different schedule ...


ps: dont compare your kids to the neighbors either.. lol ...

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ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)

All 3 of my Maples leafed out yesterday! Hooray!

Thanks, Ken and Nhbabs, for responding. I guess I was a little too impatient...

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