20 HP Intek surging

mailboxJuly 4, 2010

Got a little problem. I picked up an MTD lawn tractor the other day. It has been setting up for a while. It has a 20 HP B&S Intek engine. I flushed out the gas tank and rebuilt the carb after vatting it in carb cleaner. I blew out all the jets and even ran a small wire down every hole I could. It surges from the minute I crank it. If I pull the choke out about half way it stops. As a matter of fact it even seems to have a little more power. I am at by wits end over this one. It did have a couple of "restrictor plate gaskets" with the kit but not on the engine. Any help or tips you can think of would be greatly appreciated.

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Check the throttle shaft to make certain it is "floppy loose", no binding or drag at all. Check it with linkage disconnected from throttle shaft so you know all you are feeling is the throttle shaft in its bore.

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Does the carb. have idle adjustment screws on it? if so richen it up alittle by turning them counter clockwise, note where they were so if it don't help you can turn them back to their orginal postion.

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