So i am confused

bekellogJuly 20, 2010

I have been looking for a new riding mower for quite a while, i am still down to a Craftsman yt 4000, Cub ltx 1042, Jd LA 135se, Jd x300, The more i read on these, mowers the worse they end up sounding, Keep in mind I dont have a large yard, and i want to buy something that will last--Am i looking at the wrong mowers??? I really dont have tons of $$$ to spend, but I am afraid to buy a POS. Any suggestions???

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I'd also consider a simplicity mower (see link for the regent), these aren't cheap, but they are a cut above most mowers I looked at. I have the Broadmoor, one step up from the Regent and I am very pleased with it. They have a superior cut and are a little better built in my opinion. Depending on where you are located, dealers may be a little scarce. On the linked page, click Specs for details and prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to regent

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here's a link I did to a review I did on my broadmoor a couple of years back. You may find it useful

Here is a link that might be useful: broadmoor review

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Thanks for the information, i will defiantly have to checkout Simplicity, think that there is a dealer nearby!!!Thanks for the info!!!

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I have an older Simplicity - year model 2000, that's a Landlord DLX. I bought it used back in 2005 with about 218 +/- hours on then.

I can tell you I have been extremely happy with this machine. I've gone so far as to purchase the major wear parts to repair this machine so I can keep it as long as I possibly can. This includes a brand new engine still sitting in the crate, and a NOS transmission still sitting in the crate.

I've looked at the newer mowers at Lowes, HD, Sears, or wherever you can find them, and they are NOT built like the machines of yesteryear, nor even of the quality of the Simplicities of today.

If you have a bit of mechanical ability, a place to work on something and the tools, I suggest you take a look at some of the older "tanks" like JD, Cub Cadet, Simplicity, etc., that can fit your bill. They were built to last.

Otherwise, please do check out the newer Simplicities for your use. As they say, "you get what you pay for".

BTW, I'm now finishing up on a restoration of a 1975 model 1200 Cub Cadet. This thing is a monster!


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