2014 wish list?

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)May 16, 2014

Just for some Friday fun.

What trees are on your wishlist this year, and why?

For me, these are trees I've either not been that familiar with until recently, or not able to find (or at least from places I'm comfortable buying from).

Acer triflorum - WOW - looks like a very underused tree. A nursery down in VA about an hour from here carries them and I've seen it from a few mailorder places.

Quercus x beadlei - hybrid of Q. alba and Q. michauxii, my 2 favorite oaks in the white group - but haven't been able to locate one. Just looks neat from what I've seen.

Quercus myrsinifolia

Cedrus brevifolia

Aesculus x 'Homestead'

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wish list:
cucumber magnolia
pignut hickory
pyramid magnolia
umbrella magnolia
Arkansas Oak
* I may not get to all this year but eventually....I am into collecting rare/unusual species

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

HIGHLY recommend Acer triflorum. LOVE ours, but I'm sure you know this already from reading my posts.


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My partner has put the kaibo on my spring tree 'fishing' expeditions. Taking the truck away from me didn't work, because I know how to pack them in a jeep hatch. There is probably two dozen left up on the gravel from previous years and my own propagation still needing planted. LOL. I threw some pits from last year's peach canning spree into a plastic bag to pitch in the compost, so forgot about them. They lay in the sun on a g'house bench the rest of last summer, lay there in same bag in same g'house with the stat set just above freezing, and when I found them this spring during clean-up upended the bag into a compost bin. Low and behold almost all of the kernels spit open on impact and two dozen cotelydons with leaves and roots starting fell out. Of course I didn't have the heart to compost them and now they are in pots a good foot tall and have to find homes for them as well.

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